Friday, November 17, 2006

Caps Take On Canes, Clark & Zuby Questionable

In a 3-2 shootout loss to the Bruins, Caps Captain Chris Clark, and Alternate Captain Dainius Zubrus, each left the game early with injuries. Clark had a mouthful of blood which looked to be from what I thought was the puck hitting him in the face, but it could've been the stick. Zubrus, although I didn't see what actually caused it, looked to be experiencing some pain in his knee. Hopefully, and it's been said to be likely, Zednik will be back tonight from his injury. And I especially hope he is if one or both of the aforementioned are too injured to play. Losing Clark and Zubrus even for a game is going to be rough on this hockey club, especially seeing as things are going pretty well for them right now. There hasn't been anything stated yet, only observations. Washington does not disclose anything.

A fellow blogger of the Caps (DCCapsChick) has brought up something that I thought was interesting. It just so happens that at the Boston game, a few of us were thinking the same thing. DCCapsChick is rallying the Caps fans to write in Zubrus on the AllStar Ballot. Check it out here. Also on Random Reality Thoughts.

So the Caps take on the Canes tonight at the Verizon Center. I will be there in section 100 as always, most likely with one of my good luck hats (beret or winter hat) and my good luck scarf (which hasn't been busted out since last seasons last home game victory over Atlanta). Yes, I wear a scarf when it's cold. Despite what a friend of mine says, I think men can wear scarves. The Caps are one spot behind the Canes in Eastern Conference standings. They are 2 points behind, and have played in 2 less games. It seems to me that winning this game would be such a huge morale booster for this young Caps team. It's always good to take away points from a division opponent. I would say rival, but there really is no reason to lie about it. As usual, I'll guess the score and who will score for the Caps. I'll probably be way off as usual (I did get Zuby on the scoreboard for the Boston game though), but here goes. I'm going to say that the Caps take this one 3-2. Caps goals from Zednik, Pettinger, and Ovy. If Zednik doesn't play then Pettinger, Ovy, and Bradley. Let's go Caps!


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