Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tough Players Shall Now Go By The Name Chris Clark

Capitals captain Chris Clark (how's that for alliteration) lost some teeth from that puck to the face in the game against Boston last wednesday. Clark, having fallen to the ice from the blow, got right back up and worked with his mates to get the puck out of the zone. After it was cleared, he headed off to the locker room. This is why he's my favorite player, and has been since he first stepped on the ice in a Caps sweater. Catching my attention in the 03-04 playoffs with Calgary, he wasn't my favorite then due to limited ice time and the fact that I really just don't get to see that many western teams play. Oh how I yearn for direct TV with the hockey package.

Clark, having missed two games, will return tomorrow night, as I'm sure will two more points in the standings. It is obvious how critical he is to this team through his attitude of finishing a shift injured, and seeing as the Caps are 0-1-1 without him in the past two games. However, in Boston, they were also missing Dainius Zubrus and Alexander Semin. Had it not been for Jakub Klepis finding the twine to make the score 1-1 early, who knows if we would've even snagged a point on the road.

Some great quotes from Captain Clark (thanks to Mike Vogel):
-"I saw the puck going back to my point, I’m standing there and I’ve got to do something. I can’t just lay down; they’re not going to blow the whistle right away especially if [the Bruins] have control of the puck. There’s no sense in laying on the ice. My legs didn’t break; I could get up and skate."

-"I could have played the last two games. If it was the playoffs, I wouldn’t have missed any time."


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