Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gameday: Caps vs. Thrashers, Double Headache From Jerseys

Okay, let me start by saying that I'm a sucker for the old red, white & blue jerseys. I think the logo on the white home and black away jerseys were well done for the concept, but to me, if you play in the nations capital, your colors should be red, white & blue. Period. It doesn't make sense to me otherwise. My best friend (who I first took to a game at the close of the 03-04 season and since has come to many games and become a fan of the sport) loves the black jerseys. I think they're okay. To me though, the nameplates are hard to read, and sometimes gives me a headache. I know that other fans have stated it and many of the opposing teams announcers have as well. Then there are those who love the Blue away jerseys (the original second sweater) from when the Caps first changed jerseys. I like these better than the black. However, my favorite are the old red away jerseys. How I yearn for a Dino Ciccarelli or a Dale Hunter red Caps jersey.

So why a double headache tonight? Because the Thrashers logo and jersey are uglier than Brendan Witt's pornstar moustache from last season. I can't stand them. If I were born and raised in Atlanta, I don't know how I could be a fan. Their third jersey is their best, which has (if I recall correctly) become their new home jersey due to it's popularity with their fans. I don't know if any players would be like this, but if I were a player, money, location, the team, AND the jersey would be all factors in where I signed. And while we're on the topic, the new Ottawa jersey is way too cartoonish. And a suggestion for Buffalo, the new version of the vintage jersey should be your main one.

On to the gameday talk. Chris Clark, Dainius Zubrus, and Steve Eminger are all slated to return. You can see how important Clark and Zubrus are to the team. Alexander Semin is not going to return, seeing as he's on injured reserve. Alot of this is stuff most Caps fans already know. So here's my prediction. Caps win this one 4-3 with goals from Clark, Zednik, Heward, and Ovechkin. Kolzig makes 39 saves if he's in net.


Anonymous Netsrak said...

You are correct about Atlanta's excessively blue third jersey becoming their current home jersey. But boy is that thing ever ugly! Easily one of the worst jerseys in the entire league, in my opinion.

I don't understand how that light blue color went from a secondary accent color to the basis for an entire advertising campaign ("Blueland")! And having the word "ATLANTA" going down one of the sleeves of that jersey-- just plain tacky.

Frankly, I loved the Thrashers' old home jersey (which used to be their away jersey before the home-away color switch). I'm speaking of the colorful one with the "T"-shaped logo. Very interesting & unique jersey... Ol' Netsy, of course, owns one. :)

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